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广东永旭石油化工工厂1五十万吨/年轻人质材质制丁二烯好品牌由j9.basketball股份群工厂电话、湖南炼制清洁j9.basketball资源群工厂电话和广东大南海实业群群工厂电话有限制的工厂中外合资品牌搭建。好品牌中外合资品牌投资人均爱民营工厂,体现了决定快、工作速度更快的强势。另外投资人强势相容,广东j9.basketball股份在石油化工工厂下面品牌涤纶新素材这个范围深耕细作常年,组成流通业链,是全球性极大的商用涤纶新素材展示 商之中,湖南炼制清洁j9.basketball资源群工厂电话十分投资人在石油化工工厂这个范围结构实现、制作正常运作、品牌运营、石油采购计划等上体现了很强的工作经验,广东大南海群工厂电话钱财很强。五大群工厂电话强强合作技术,强势相容,在钱财、劳务、控制等上体现了同质性的强势。





Eversun New Materials Co., Ltd. under the Yongrong Holding Group belongs to the arylene business unit.Founded on February 8, 2017, the company is mainly responsible for the construction of 200 million tons / year propane to propylene and downstream new materials projects. The project is an important measure for Eversun holding group to extend the industrial chain and form the integration of oil, chemical and fiber.
Features of the project: first, strong alliance, joint investment by Eversun holding group and Shandong refining and chemical energy group, strong capital and technology innovation strength, rich talent and management experience; second, trade guarantee, the project shareholder Shandong refining and chemical energy group has rich experience in international chemical raw material trade, and the international trade of propane raw material is smooth; Third, the process is advanced, and the project adopts the global leading technologies such as UOP and rums of the United States, which is mature, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection; fourth, the project will send hydrogen for caprolactam project, which greatly reduces the pollutant emission in the park, realizes the green cycle development of the Park and improves the comprehensive benefits of enterprises.


The 2 million tons of propane to propylene and downstream new materials project hold by Fujian Eversun New Material Ltd., a subcompany of  Eversun Holding Group, the project is located in EVERSUN New Functional Material Industrial Park, with a total investment of 39.8 billion yuan.The planning project will build two millions PDH and advanced derivative materials, with supporting wharf and storage tanks and transportation facilities. The project will be constructed by two stages, as priority stage cost is about 19.8 billion Yuan, including 1000 KTA PDH and new derivatives with advanced technologies in the world, which keep the project running safer and more stable, more environmental friendly and energy – efficient.