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EVERSUN Holding Group was established in 2009, and its predecessor was a fiber factory founded in 1979. Over 40 years, with the joint efforts of Wu Huaping and Wu Huaxin, as well as generations of EVERSUN people,  the enterprise has grown vigorously. At present, it has now developed into a large-scale industrial group covering main business + service,relying on modern industry 4.0 and industrial Internet technology, involving petrochemical nylon new materials as its main business with green and sustainable development.The group has the following businesses: nylon,  caprolactam, aromatic, new materials(preparing), chemical construction, chemical sales, financial services, etc. It has nearly 50 wholly-owned and holding enterprises and nearly 10000 employees. The group has successively won the honors of "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises", "Top 500 Chinese Chemical Enterprises", "National Enterprise Technology Center", "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Pilot Unit", and "Champion of Manufacturing Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology". The group has a production value of nearly 60 billion yuan in 2020, striving to achieve the target of 100 billion yuan of output value as soon as possible.
The group takes the production of nylon civil yarns, nylon 6 polymerization as the core products, and has the first set of industrial 4.0 intelligent nylon production line in China. At present, EVERSUN has opened the whole industrial chain from "Benben - caprolactam - polymerization - Nylon - new materials" with an annual production capacity of 1.9 million tons. Fujian EVERSUN Jinjiang Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, has a total production capacity of 1.4 million tons of polymerization-spinning, including 800,000 tons of polymerization and 600,000 tons of spinning; it owns well-known brands such as "Jinjiang Technology". The 600,000 tons of caprolactam project under construction by the group is one of the 100 "important" projects in the whole province. The first phase of 300,000 tons of caprolactam project has been put into operation. 2 million tons/year propane to propylene and new materials projects are also in orderly progress.
The group pays attention to its own development, at the same time, it also actively returns to the society and is enthusiastic about public welfare and charity. Up to now, EVERSUN has donated 100 million yuan to public welfare undertakings. The group has successively set up a student education fund for education in Fujian; actively responds to "targeted poverty alleviation", and has donated money and materials to more than 20  institutions, such as Changle City Charity Foundation, the Charity Association, and the China Green Fund. In 2018, with the approval of the Fujian Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, "EVERSUN public welfare foundation" was officially established, and EVERSUN public welfare charity was further standardized and systematized. In early 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the group launched the EVERSUN public welfare fund for the first time, donated 5 million yuan, and called E30 entrepreneurs to support the medical service in Hubei. In November 2020, EVERSUN donated RMB 5 million to the Changle District Education Development Promotion Association for Changle's education.




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The group adheres to the core values of "customer-centered, striver oriented, win win with partners", upholds the enterprise spirit of "harmonious development, being right and bringing forth the new", Promote the idea that enterprises and society should live in harmony with nature, strategic cooperation with allies, and sharing weal and woe with employees.The company aims at achieving the goal of 100 billion output value at an early date, dedicated become the world's leading petrochemical nylon new material industry group.